Circular Saw Blade Manufacturer, IBCHE | CEO Greetings

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Circular Saw Blade Manufacturer

CEO Greetings

IBCHE Corporation will open the future of the Circular
Saw Blade by providing with the best ones.
Circular Saw Blade Manufacturer, IBCHE |
CEO Greetings

Circular Saw Blade Manufacturer, IBCHE | CEO Greetings

Thank you for visiting our website.
Since its establishment in August 1992, IBCHE CORPORATION has strived to become a global leader in Lapping & Polishing industry, enabling ultra precision surface treatment of various products.
Thanks to the support of our customers, we have become a leading company for Lapping & Polishing, offering all ranges of related products from machinery to consumable materials.
In 2006, we acquired Daeah Precision, a vendor of Hyundai Rotem, a railway vehicle manufacturer. In 2008, we established Ibche laser, whose main business operations are laser cutting, bending and welding of steel sheets; now we are thriving based on the mutual cooperation of these three companies.
IBCHE Corporation has been growing mainly to support a domestic market. however, in the era of the globalization, we launched new Circular Saw Blade called "CUTTRA" including Cold Saw Blade and Coated Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade and etc, integrating the laser technology with Lapping & Polishing procedure.
IBCHE Corporation promises to bring all of our best quality products including Saw Blades and Circular Saw Machine at a reasonable price to customers.

Thank you.

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