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Semiconductor Parts

Lapping & Polishing

Circular Saw Blade manufacturer, IBCHE Corporation
will open the future of the Lapping & Polishing and Circular Saw Blade.
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    Internal or External Process Parts
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    Standard Blocks For Hardness
  • 16
    Light guide plate, STAVAX Lapping & Polishing
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    Hydraulic Valve Parts
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    Ceramic Parts
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    Semi-Conductor Parts
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    Spin Blocks, Sitting Knife, Glass, Valve, Quartz
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    Slitting Knife Ⅰ
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    Slitting Knife Ⅱ
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    Slitting Knife Ⅲ
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    PVD Coating Insert
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    Glass, Quartz Parts
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    Hand Lapping Plates(Blocks)
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    Slots or Straight Slots
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    Radial Grooves
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    Diamond Electroplated Files & I.D Wheel
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    Felt bobs
Lapping & Polishing is a high module processing work giving material surface a new life.
Not only does It process most materials including Copper, Ceramic, Tool steel, Bronz, Cast iron ,Crystal, Carbide, Plastic and Ferrite, but also high precision, high quality products efficiently according to demanded spec of products(ex. under plane figure 0.3㎛, under surface roughness Ra 0.01㎛ and so on) IBCHE Corp.
Import & Export all sort of consumables like Lapping Plate, Diamond Powder & Compound, Diamond Slurry needed in LAPPING & POLISHING work.
And make LAPPING & POLISHING machines ourselves to supply.
Also as we hold many LAPPING & POLISHING machines and test machines, you can do Sample Test at any time.
Please entrust us with LAPPING & POLISHING processes to meet the quality level on demanded products.
We apply processing technology and machine-make-KNOW-HOW to the full to help your development.
Planar rotary Polishing, planar lapping & polishing, curved surface polishing, and inner/outer diameter polishing
Workable product family Breakdown of work
Carbide and Ceramic Bite & Tip such as insert, cermet, ceramic et al.
Copier parts, Textile machine parts
Slitting knife, Vacuum chuck, etc. Knives such as carbide, SK, SKD, etc. Workable up to -1,000Ø
Wafer Vacuum Chuck, Al Chuck
Mechanical Seals Materials such as ceramic, carbon, T.C, Teflon, Sic et al, boiler motors, and M/seals for nuclear power plants, aviation parts and auto parts
Hydraulic, textile, aviation, automobile parts Cylinder Block, Spin Blodk, Value Plate˙Manifold, Spacer
Automobile shaft, Cranks, Cams, and Rollers Motor shaft, Engine shaft, and Outer iameter surface film processing, Urethane Roll, Ni-Cr Coating Roll, Carbide Roll
Glass, Quartz, and Displays FLATRON Computer Monitor Panel, Optical Lenz, Photo mask, Single Crystal Saphire, FED Spacer, I.R Fiter, Silicon Cathod
Mold Parts and Others Light Guide Panel, Acrylic Panel
※ All of the above products can meet the customer’s requirements such as the flatness, parallelism, roughness, mirror finish et al.


Introduction of Consumables

  • Circular Saw Blade
  • Circular Saw Blade for Cutting Stainless Steel
  • Coated Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  • Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade
  • Cold Saw Blade
  • Circular Saw Machine
  • Lapping and Polishing Machine
  • Cast Iron Lapping Plate
  • Semiconductor Parts
  • Circular Saw Blade Manufacturer In Korea
  • Cermet Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  • Saw Machine Manufacturer In Korea
  • IBCHE Corporation Co.,Ltd.Prisedent : Jung. Jin sungBusiness Number : 503-81-97492E-Mail :
    Address : 281, Sungseo Indust-ro(Jang-Dong), Dalseo-gu, Daegu, KoreaTel : +82-53)581-7385Fax : +82-53)582-7747